5 Chrome Extensions To Enhance Security and Browse Safely

Google Chrome has proved itself as one of the best, fastest and safest web browsers! But no matter how much security a browser promises to offer, you can always take some initiative to improve it. The official Google Chrome Extensions Gallery has a lot to offer to all those who feel a need to boost their defenses. So here’s a list of Chrome extensions for a carefree, safe browsing:

1. WOT chrome extension

User-friendly and safe, this tool will tell you which websites you can trust and which not. While, you surf, search and shop on the net the traffic-light rating symbol will rate the websites that you visit showing you, how trustworthy a website is. These ratings are powered by millions of users who rate the sites according to their experiences.

Wot Google Chrome Extensions

2. View Thru Chrome Extension

From the numerous links you come across on the net, how do you choose, which link is safe to click on and which not? Well, this extension will do the work of expanding short URLs showing you the full URL along with the title of the destination page, so you can make a better decision.

View Thru

3. McAfee Site Advisor Chrome Extension

This extension, similar to WOT chrome extension, will inform you the ratings of the WebPages that you visit. However, WOT displays the ratings next to all the links. This is not seen in Site Advisor. Site Advisor will warn you only if a site seems to be threatening. People who are unsure about WOT ratings, usually go for this tool.

4. FlashBlock chrome extension

This tool is really useful for those who do not want to be bugged by unnecessary Flash content on webpages. Nevertheless, if you need to be able to see flash on some specific websites, there is an option to create a whitelist which can include sites whose flash content should not be blocked.

The most amazing thing about this extension is the kind of flexibility that it allows: each flash element is replaced by a placeholder which gives you the facility to be able to load only selected elements on a page. Not only this, it also helps in reducing memory usage and CPU cycles and can easily replace AdBlock. No data is read, used or transmitted to any third party so that the privacy and security of user is ensured.

Flash Block Google Chrome Extension

5. KB SSL Enforcer chrome extension

A lot of sites have SSL encrypted versions of the login pages, which are most toyed with, by hackers. This extension enables the lock icon ans the https:// at the start of your Omnibar, before you type your details, thus making things safer for you. KB SSL is able to detect if a site supports SSL (TLS) and automatically redirects you to the SSL encrypted version. It also provides you the flexibility to override this redirection, so you can choose where you want to go.

KB SSL Extension

These Google Chrome extensions not only provide you with premium security but also enhance your browsing experience and reduce the chances of any threats to your PC.

Saurabh Dutta
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