5 Basic Steps To Protect Your Privacy On Facebook

Facebook PrivacyProtecting your privacy is of paramount importance on any social networking site. The new incarnation of Facebook had to face great deal of criticism because people using it felt robbed of their privacy. However, though it still is appealing enough for you to hang on to it and stay in touch with your buddies, while at the same it time it tempts you to navigate through the numerous applications it offers. You should take some time to go through these privacy tips which can prove quite handy for any Facebook user:

1. Use Facebook Lists

“Everyone”, according to Facebook’s own website means the entire internet, not just all face book users. What? You didn’t know that? Well, now you do. So learn to use one of the most underrated tools on Facebook- the list function.

Each post that you share comes with an option where we can choose to make it visible to “Everyone”, “Friends Only” or only some particular lists. You can create a list of selected friends, employees, or co-workers, by using the ‘Edit friends’ option available in the Account tab.

Facebook Lists

2. Make Yourself Invisible Outside Facebook

Most of the times whatever you mention in your profile is intended to be shared only amongst your Facebook friends and you have no intention of flaunting it publicly. If you do not want your profile to be accessible to non-Facebook users then all you have to do is:

Click on Account –> Click Privacy Settings –> Click Search –> Uncheck Public Search Results option and voila! Your profile is completely protected now.

Make Yourself Invisible Outside Facebook

3. Think Before you “Like”

An option to mask you “likes” is not available on Facebook privacy settings, hence if you like a page, think first, whether you’d be comfortable if strangers network you through that page. For editing your ‘likes’ here’s what you can do:

Click on Account –> Click on ‘Edit Friends’ –> Click on ‘Pages’ on the left hand column –> Remove connection(click on X) of any page that you feel doesn’t suit your requirement.

Think Before you Like - Facebook

4. Keep a check on the flow of information to third party applications

Facebook allows its trusted partners to access your personal information. If you have privacy concerns you can manually choose to opt out. Here’s the procedure:

Go to Account –> Click Privacy Settings –> Click Applications and Websites –> Edit Settings for Instant Personalization Pilot Program. This helps you to take charge of your information. You decide how much to share and with whom.

Keep a check on the flow of information to third party applications

5. See what your friends are letting out

The applications that your friends use might put your privacy at risk, sometimes. Even if you are not the one to actively share your personal information, many applications can access your name, gender, birthday photos and anything that you have made public. This is how you can manage these accounts:

Click on Account –> Go to Privacy Settings –> Click on Applications and Website, and you’ll have a list of things which you can uncheck in case you don’t want it to be shared by an application without your knowledge. Don’t forget to click on ‘Save Changes’, finally.

See what your friends are letting out

Keep your privacy intact, feel safe and have a great time socializing!

Saurabh Dutta
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  2. Facebook can be used in much better way with such precautions. Using it for spreading IT news and awareness is a good work.

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