6 Trends to Rule the Future of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a crucial activity that lets content reach to a global audience. More and more enterprises are plunging into internet marketing and nobody wants to be left behind. Internet marketers need to stay abreast with the latest trends in this field and continuously update their marketing strategies.

Here are some interesting and upcoming trends of internet marketing:

Emergence of Mobile-dependent markets

Using mobile for surfing internet is not rare nowadays. As more and more mobile consumers go online, web publishers are coming up with special versions of their websites, tailored especially for the mobile market. Reports reveal that mobile ad spending will increase by 74% this year and by 2013 it is expected to touch a whopping $13 billion.

Emergence of Mobile Dependent Markets

Pay-Per-Click Ads

This is one of the most effective ‘search engine’ marketing strategy which can drive a lot of visitors towards a site. Money is paid for the number of clicks received without wasting any extra penny uselessly. It is affordable and guarantees to improve one’s online marketing ROI. To make it look different from others, a lot of people are going for a video or image over the plain text ad, to make it more appealing.

Pay per click advertising

Transparent Marketing

This term has different meaning and significance for the marketer and the consumer. Transparent marketing is believed to be sincere and honest marketing without presenting luring deceptive concepts about your product or services. The marketers know that customers are not likely to buy knitted dishonest stories, and hence have brought in transparency in their advertisements so that the potential customers know exactly what they will get. This trend has been in practice since the late nineties and is believed to continue to grow.

Large print

If you ask a direct response practitioner, he’ll tell you that increasing font size is the next big thing. Believe it or not, bigger font size is more attractive than smaller ones, obviously because they draw more attention. As soon as internet marketers realized that they can get better response just by increasing the font size, large fonts became trendy!

Large Print

Holistic approach

When internet marketers were trying to bombard their content with keywords, universal or blended search results came into picture and bang! The game rules changed! The search engine result pages (SERPs) now not only contain text but also are blended with videos, audio files, pictures, blogs and more. Holistic approach is hence adopted by web designers now just to keep pace with the twist and turns the search engines offer these days.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is basically storing the documents and software applications which an enterprise uses frequently, on a remote server rather than storing it on a local computer. This has given rise to a superb business model which lets the marketer create spreadsheets, presentation and text documents without any additional charge or subscription fee. You do not have to pay because it pays for itself by the ads, just like the free mail accounts.

Cloud Computing

For a successful internet marketing campaign, the marketer needs to be able to combine complex business technicalities with his creativity to engage target users. It is not limited to crafting content in terms words and pictures but also finding innovative ways to reach out to audiences.

Saurabh Dutta
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  1. What’s your future internet marketing plan? Naturally have one, right? I mean, surely, you have a plan, don’t you?

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