Google Chrome 5 Beta Browser Is The Fastest Browser

With the release of the Google Chrome Beta 5 this week it seems to have become the fastest browser in the market. It has some significant improvements with speedy JavaScript functionality and support to emerging web standards.

The top features include:

Expanded Sync

Till now, you were able share your bookmarks and preferences on any computer running Chrome. This facility has been expanded with the new version and with the latest Chorme 5 beta. The extended syncing capabilities include sharing homepage, visual themes, web content settings, startup settings and language.

Adoption of HTML 5 and other web-standards

Although, HTML 5 is officially not ready, but Google did not shy away from implementing some of the cool features of HTML 5. With Google Chrome 5 Beta you can drag-drop a file, Geolocate and cache offline application (replacement of Google Gears). It is now also equipped with websockets for faster communication with remote servers.

Adobe Flash Plugin

Apple is doing its best to kill Flash and promote HTML 5 but Google did not ignore the potential of Flash and integrated a Flash Player inside Chrome. As a user now you will not have to keep downloading the latest version instead just open the Chrome beta 5 and get going to your favorite online video sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Megavideo, Metacafe, Hulu and more.

Ability to run extensions in Incognito Mode

The incognito mode in Chrome allows you to surf the internet without storing cookies from a website or recoding the history of sites you browse. Till now you were not allowed to run Chrome extensions while you surf using Incognito mode. With Google Chrome 5 Beta you will now be able to use these extensions. But, you will have to re-enable them manually

Google Chrome 5 Beta is Lightening Fast

Google Chrome 5 Beta is equipped with the V8 Javascript Engine and a major optimization has been done by the V8 team from Denmark. It is observed that the performance of JavaScript has improved by roughly 30%. According to a test conducted on various browsers Google Chrome 5 Beta seems to be a clear winner among its competitors.

Google seems to be all set to take the browser war to a new level. If it is able to iron out a few rough patches Chrome could really become lethal and play a key role in fading out some popular browsers from the market.

Graph Credits: arstechnica

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