Google Search Appliance (GSA) – An Ultimate Tool to Search Your Intranet

How many times have we wished that we could have something like Google in our own firm? Google Search Appliance is a great device that could help enterprises to dig through billions of files, documents and various kinds of data present on your company’s fileservers and intranet. Google Search appliance can also index and store information on databases like SQL Server, Oracle etc.

Google Search Appliance is a complete package with all the algorithms of Google built within. It has the same interface but it’s just that the information is not open to public and kept safely on your intranets behind firewalls.

Another interesting feature of this appliance is the support of Google Analytics. It helps how people in your organization access various documents present, clicks and search to access various files. Although, Google Search Appliance is built for large organizations but they also have a solution for small companies called Google Mini. Google Mini has the ability to search from 300,000 docs and is good for small to mid sized organizations.

Saurabh Dutta
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2 Responses to “Google Search Appliance (GSA) – An Ultimate Tool to Search Your Intranet”

  1. Amazing, that sounds really expensive! Thanks for the info, this is something I’d never seen before. It would be interesting to find out the costs.

    • Saurabh Dutta says:

      There are different licensing models. The Mini product line currently supports four different licenses, ranging from $1,995 for the ability to search through 50,000 documents, to $8,995 for a machine that will handle up to 300,000 documents.

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