Best Free and Paid Android Health Apps to Help You Stay Fit

Summer is around the corner and its time to get out of your houses and get your body back in shape. We know that our iPhone owning buddies have a lot of applications to help them keep a track of their exercise regime. But, if you are a proud owner of an Android phone, the good news is you also have the option of downloading some cool android health and fitness applications on to your phone.

Here are some applications that we would recommend:

1. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Price – Free
Version – 2.2.0
Downloads – 10,000 – 50,000
Size – 279.8 KB
Ratings – 4.41/5

Endomondo Sports Tracker Android ApplicationEndomondo Sports Tracker Android Application

If you like running, cycling, skateboarding or jogging this application is just made for you. This is a great application that keeps a history of your workouts and lab times. It has real time abilities to tack your distance, time, altitude and speed. Some of the other prominent features include, personal voice message from friends and audio feedback after per mile or kilometer.

2. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Price – Free
Version – 1.13.0
Downloads – >250 000
Size – 1.2 MB
Ratings – 4.45/5

Calorie Counter by FatSecret Android ApplicationCalorie Counter by FatSecret Android Application

This is a pretty neat, simple and straightforward app to track calories and nutrition facts. Once you decide your weight and fitness goals the app will also help and suggest you a daily intake of various food products. The developers are also adding new features at regular intervals

3. Fast Food Calorie Counter

Price – $1.99
Version – 1.0.17
Downloads – 1,000 – 5000
Size – 1014.9 KB
Ratings – 4.11/5

Fast Food Calorie Counter Android ApplicationFast Food Calorie Counter Android Application

If you are in love with fast food this is another great app to alleviate the harmful effects. Even when you are on a diet it becomes extremely difficult to resist fast food. Fast Food Calorie Counter is a powerful application with data of 8,858 food items from 72 major fast food restaurants. You can get details of the fats, calories, protein, carbohydrates and fiber content in an item.

4. Racing for CardioTrainer

Price – $2.99
Version – 1.0.0
Downloads – 1,000 – 5000
Size – 126.7 KB
Ratings – 4.81/5

Racing for CardioTrainer Android ApplicationRacing for CardioTrainer Android Application

This is a personal favorite of mine. It will cost your pocket a bit but it is well worth the money you spend. This is an add-on that can be integrated with the free CardioTrainer Program. The best part is this app can simulate a virtual race and it can tell how ahead or behind you are from the other racers.

5. Absolute Fitness

Price – $4.99
Version – 1.0.0
Downloads – 1,000 – 5000
Size – 126.7 KB
Ratings – 4.81/5

Absolute Fitness Android ApplicationAbsolute Fitness Android Application

Absolute fitness is another cool application that will help you to manage your diet with exercise. It has an extensive collection of nutritional facts of more tha 10,000 foods. Based on your goals of exercise and weight it can calculate and present you with the daily nutrient limits. Some other important features include, food analysis, charts and graph to measure your progress and ability to create customized meals.

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  1. Edward Toms says:

    This is right on target but is calorie shifting the only way to accomplish it?

  2. Carl Lagen says:

    Is eating only every other day good for you?

  3. Sean Perry says:

    sometimes i am very conscious about food calories..~~

  4. Gerard says:

    Nice article.

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