Download Ubuntu 10.04 And Experience These Most Amazing Features

With the release of new version Ubuntu has simply set new standards. It will not be wrong if we say that Ubuntu 10.04 is the best version of Ubuntu till date. The first important thing that you notice about this version of Ubuntu is that it comes with a Long Term Support. Without any costs associated, the Desktop version will get a support for three years and the Server version will be supported for five years.

Since, Ubuntu comes up with a new release every 6 months and is supported for only 18 months; people do not consider it viable for a long term use. But with a release like this which comes with a promise of a support for 3 years, it gives people a chance to consider it against other operating systems like MacOS X and Windows.

This could be said the best Operating System available due to several differentiating features like:

Super Fast Loading Time

Ubuntu is one of the fastest loading operating systems. You can quickly start Ubuntu and get on to the web using your browser within a few seconds. Unlike other operating systems which keep you waiting, Ubuntu does not let you sit idle and stare at the screen.

Improved Look and Feel

Although I do not appreciate change few things like this make change irresistible. The new Ubuntu looks are very elegant especially from the old orange-brown themed look of the yesteryear.

One thing that made a lot of people cranky is the shift of the window buttons (close, minimize, restore) from the left side to right hand side.

new ubuntu look and feel

Magic Sync with Ubuntu One

UbuntuOne is an online file storage facility offered by Canonical is now tightly integrated with the new version of Ubuntu. You tomboy notes, contacts and bookmarks will now be in sync across all the Ubuntu machines you access.

It works equally well even with the free version of UbuntuOne and data syncing is very fast and getting the setup done is a matter of few minutes.


The New Ubuntu Software Centre

Linux users always had difficulty in finding the right software. When they found it they had difficulty in successfully installation. After yum, apt-get and synaptic this issue was handled pretty well but with Ubuntu’s Software Centre there is a huge leap.

You can save a lot of unnecessary efforts with the Software Centre and installation of new software has become a lot simpler. There is a huge collection of software from various categories like: education, games, sound and video, graphics, programming and office.

Ubuntu Sotware center

Ubuntu One Music Store

Other than the software repository Ubuntu also came up with an online Music Store. First of all the prices are very reasonable and the files are provided in mp3 format. Another cool feature is when you get the song from the Music store it gets copied to your Ubuntu One Online storage. So, your music is now available across all your Ubuntu Powered machines.

The store seems to be great with some good music with good quality and can be downloaded at a good speed. The Ubuntu One Music store is built using Rhythmbox and some people may prefer other players like Banshee.

Ubuntu Music Store

Social Networking Features

The new Ubuntu is also packed with Social Networking facilities. With Empathy you can not only have access to you IM Client but if you notice you will find something called “Broadcast Accounts”. Once setup, you can send and receive updates simultaneously to the most popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed in form of system notifications.

social networking ubuntu

The only bad I could find about this new version is some people are finding it difficult to update from older versions. But apart from it there are a lot of other reasons why you should give Ubuntu 10.04 a try. It is the best Operating System available for both personal and business use today which runs equally well on desktops, laptops and server machines.

If you have made up your mind by now, go ahead and Download Ubuntu.

Saurabh Dutta
Saurabh Dutta is the founder and author of TechChai. He writes on useful technology tips, tricks, tutorials, articles and interesting technology updates on various websites and blogs online.
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  1. Kristine says:

    Ubuntu covers every standard desktop application from word processing and spreadsheet applications to web server software and programming tools.

  2. Royce Lykke says:

    thanks for the help!

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