How To Choose The Right Apple iPad For You

apple ipadApple iPad is a wonderful small yet powerful device with many features and a stylish look. The options available with iPad are so much that one could get easily confused on which iPad will be the most appropriate for him. Here is a little guide on how to make an appropriate choice for the iPad which you will carry!


1. Amount of Storage

The first parameter to decide upon is the amount of storage space which you will need. What are your usage plans for iPad? Do you want to use it as a digital picture frame and keep a lot of pics of friends and family? Or do you want to keep a lot of games and apps? Or are you a writer and want lots of your articles stuff? All these depend on the type of work you do and thus according to it, you can decide the space.

2. Where will you use it?

The next important thing to think about is where will you use the iPad? If you will be using it at your home or near a Wi-Fi connectivity area, you can go for the basic model that features the built in Wi-Fi connection.

But if you plan to use it in such areas where you do not get the Wi-Fi connectivity, you must go for iPad with built in 3G capabilities. You just pay some small amount and have access to internet with the 3G capability. If you go for an upgraded iPad with additional 3G, you just need to pay about $130 extra to the other model.

3. Price

The price of  iPad is kind of predetermined as per the features you have chosen.

Wi-Fi only 16GB = $499
Wi-Fi only 32GB = $599
Wi-Fi only 64GB = $699
Wi-Fi and 3G 16GB = $629
Wi-Fi and 3G 32GB = $729
Wi-Fi and 3G 64GB = $829

When you move from Wi-Fi only iPad to Wi-Fi with 3G, there is a increase in price of about $129.

Apple iPad

So pay attention to all these important factors when you are planning for an iPad!

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