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Tata has introduced a new Luxury online shopping portal – Tata Cliq

Tata Group launches Tata CliQ!! It is an Indian e-commerce website which sells clothes, shoes, electronics, and many other accessories. Customers can order, collect, return and exchange products across any part of the country, either through online mode or from partner stores.

Tata CLiQ is run by Tata Unistore that is headquartered in Mumbai and is a part of the Tata Group.

Tata Unistore incubated a business venture and announced the launch of its e-commerce platform which is Tata CLiQ.
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Pursue Ph. D. from IITs, Take IIT JAM

Indian Institute of Technology Joint Admission Test that is IIT JAM 2017 accepts applications from eligible candidates for admission in Integrated PhD Degree Programmes at the IIS’c Bangalore and M.Sc. for two years. It offers M.Sc. – PhD Dual Degree, Joint M.Sc.-PhD, and M.Sc. – M.Tech. M.Sc.-M.S. (Research)/PhD Dual Degree and Other Post – Bachelor’s Degree’s for the academic year 2017-18.
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10 New Amazon Web Services Tools Recently Added to the Arsenal

Cloud and cloud based services have really changed thet way solutions are developed these days.

There are multiple players providing cloud services but there is no doubt that amazon web services excel in this domain.

The suite of services that come bundled with amazon web services is getting richer everyday. With frequent updates and new releases AWS definitely has something for every business and domain.

Today, I’d like to share with you some of the new tools added in amazon web services.
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Quick Zookeeper Tutorial from a Developer’s Perspective

All of us love zookeeper and whenever we have to pick up choosing a coordination service this has really become the default choice for almost all of us.

A zookeeper is a lot like a file system (but is not one) with hierarchical structure. Every node in the zookeeper tree is called a znode (pronounced as zee-node). It contains data and can also have children.

I’m listing down some of the key characteristics of Zookeeper which all of us should know before using it.
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Five Cool Gaming Technologies That Will Change the Way You Play Video Games

The world of gaming industry has boomed a lot. In our childhood, the only online game we had access to were the hand held video games.

But over the years, the gaming scenario has changed completely. So many different types of games have been launched that nowadays one is spoilt for choices.

In fact the entry of X Box in our lives has given us a taste of gaming on a different level.
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Online Cloud Storage with Mozy by EMC

Whether you’re an individual user or an enterprise, keeping the data safe is your biggest concern and should be one of your topmost priorities.

You can either use a backup disk to transfer your data regularly to back it up, or now with cloud computing get rid of all such botheration. The rule of the game has changed now and you can use the power of the cloud and take backups on the fly and upload it online.
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What is 5g Technology in Mobile Phones ?

What is 5G networkIt’s not been long since 4G technology in mobile phones is being adopted by telecom companies and now we’re hearing a lot of buzz about 5G networks.

Let’s what is this 5G technology for mobile phones is, and what we know about it so far.

With the increasing number of mobile devices everyday telecom companies are forced to develop appropriate infrastructure. Users of smartphones and tablets consume more and more data every day.
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The History of Sony Walkman: See how it all changed

Sony-Walkman-NWD--W273-2014We all love the Walkman and it has always been in our wish list since its launch. Here is a recap on the long journey our favorite device, the Sony Walkman.

1. Sony Walkman TPS-L2 (1979)

This was the first model of the Walkman, which went on the market exactly 35 years ago with the price of $ 150. Initially it did not do well, but over time its sales suddenly increased and eventually became an icon of the 80s
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15 Amazing iPad Apps For A Successful Business!

15 Amazing iPad Apps For A Successful Business!

Everybody, be it a consumer, a businessman or a professional, is drifting away from the bulky cords of a desktop PC and the big heavy laptops, towards the lighter side of the technology of Smartphones and Tablet PCs.

Everyone wants to take their business on the go, and iPad has suddenly become a hub for providing the users just the opportunity they needed.

Here are the top 15 apps for iPad apps for business that help businessmen all year round:
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6 Brilliant Apps to Turn Gaming Into Learning for Kids

gamesSmartphones have made a huge impact on our daily lives. It has now become impossible for many of us to imagine our routine life without smartphones. The best thing about android phones is that they can be used for various purposes other than communication. You can use your android phone for reading, teaching, learning, managing work and for entertainment purposes.
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